A successful solution deployment depends on how intimately everyone understands the business’ goals, processes and environment. This is especially crucial for a Channel Islands based business with different challenges than those of for example, a UK based business. We recognize that all our customers have their own unique set of practices and technology. Evolvedcoms Professional Services seek to uncover these intricacies and align our solution with them so you can realize the full potential of your investment.

Evolvedcoms has a proven history of implementing communications solutions of all sizes and levels of complexity. Likewise, the accredited staff assigned to your project will have the familiarity, confidence and competence to install your solution properly and efficiently. 

implementations follow a clear scope defined in the Statement of Work. Skilled specialists will install your new Solution and Applications or assist where technology gaps or staff shortages may be affecting a timely and successful project deployment.

In each deployment, builds a system that includes flexibility for change, assurance of a proper installation, an optimized system configuration to minimize the effect of failure and guarantee service ability, and rapid repair capabilities. 

The Evolvedcoms deployment team will be made up of Senior Engineer/Consultant and coordinators well-acquainted with both local and complex global communications projects. These experts will help you with every detail of your solution implementation, from identifying your business requirements and defining a clear Statement of Work (SOW) to providing team leadership and ensuring strict schedule adherence. Working closely with your own Staff, we will be able to define timelines, resources, and work plans to implement the solution design